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Autotrol Softeners > Autotrol Performa Metered 32k grain Capacity Water Softener
Autotrol Performa Metered 32k grain Capacity Water Softener

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Price: $624.65
Prod. Code: 268MT32

  • The Autotrol Performa 268MT32 is a 32k grain capacity metered on demand softener.
  • The268 ProSeries control valve with it's exceptional flow rates ensures you will have enough water flow for those long showers and also keep up with your famililies demand.
  • The Performa valve features DuraFlow valve-disc operation, which seat in a vertical position and wil not etch. This valve wil not leak because it is held closed by water pressure
  • The 460i demand control provides your home with conditioned water based on your family's water usage, regenerating only when necessary.
  • This environment -friendly control ensures you years of soft water, saving you money, water and regenerate.
  •  Demand -initiated regeneration; a control meter measures your water usage ensuring the maximum capacity and effciency for your system.
  • Guest regeneration button to easily initiate a manual regeneration, NOVRAM memory will retain all settings in the event of power failure.
  • Low voltage-power source is safe to use in your home.
  • Calander override can be set so softener will regenerate if you are on a business trip, vacation, or just away for long periods of time, thus ensuring that you system water stays fresh, thus not accumulating sediment and bacteria in filter.
  • Built in bypass valve, available in 3/4 inch or 1 inch pipe connections.